Haliburton House – Museum and Grounds


This stylish residence was home to Thomas Chandler Haliburton from 1836-1856. Haliburton, a Windsor native, was one of Canadas first famous authors. His stories won him acclaim around the English-speaking world of the 1840s. He is credited with originating the expressions: quick as a wink; facts are stranger than fiction; it's raining cats and dogs; six of one, half a dozen of the other; barking up the wrong tree; and more.

The province acquired the estate and opened the site as the Haliburton Memorial Museum in 1940. Its antiques and memorabilia include Haliburton's writing desk. And today, Haliburton House is also the site of the Windsor Hockey Heritage Museum.Disc Golf CourseThe grounds of Haliburton House Museum historically were a venue for garden parties, games, and other social gatherings. In keeping with that tradition, they are a disc golf course today. The Clifton Estate Disc Golf Course opened in the spring of 2018 , and draws visitors from far and wide. The course features 9 baskets and 18 tee box locations, spread strategically around the 34-acre grounds. Access is free for all.Hours:June 1 - October 1

Wednesday - Sunday: 10am - 4pm

414 Clifton Avenue, Windsor, NS

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